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Deer Antler Tips To Chew On

Skippy Loves His LARGE Antler Chew

There is always some risk when you give your dog a new toy, or chew. We have been giving our dogs and vacationing campers deer antlers without a single problem for over a year, but it always a good idea to exercise some caution when you introduce your precious fur to something new.

Over time enthusiastic chewing may cause your deer antlers to develop rough or sharp edges. If this happens you can rub the antler with sandpaper, or on concert. You can also grab your handy hack saw and chop of sharp points.

Enjoy the excitement of your pups first deer antlers with him for the first few chews. Check to make sure he is chewing on the antler and not trying to break it in half. Any hard chew or toy has the potential to damage your pups teeth.

Of-course you will want to make sure to throw the antler away when it is chewed down to choking size.

As always you are the best judge of what your dog should chew or play with however we believe that with a little caution your pups will be able to safely enjoy Deer Antlers-The best dogone chew!

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Deer Antlers The Best Doggone Chew!

Rascal enjoying her Large Antler Chew

All my dogs love to chew. In an effort to keep them away from my UGG boots, I am always on the lookout for the perfect chew. When I was introduced to Antler Sheds as chews for my pups, I was at first careful, and then excited. After using them with all different breeds of dogs, I have yet to encounter a digestive problem. Of course, I am always cautious, sanding down sharp edges with a piece of sand paper, and naturally, I throw them away when they get too small. My dogs love these long-lasting, clean chews and I’m delighted to be able to share my find with you and your pups!
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