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Antler Chews--The Choice of Dobie's

Rumor could not wait to show off her Antler Chew. She loves to chew it, and in typical Doberman style throw it around. These terrific chews do not splinter, have been easy on the Dobie digestive system, and last forever.

Antler Facts To Chew On:

  • Antler Chews are organic. Because they are natural they hold up longer than rawhides or bully sticks and are easy on the digestive system, rarely causing tummy trauma.

  • Antler Chews, unlike processed bones, do not chip or splinter when being chewed. The chewing action grinds the bones down slowly.

  • Antler Chews are clean. There is no odor or residue to stain your furniture or carpet, unlike smelly hoofs, gooey raw hides, and greasy pigs’ ears.

  • Antler Chews look cool and offer a variety of shapes and textures. Dogs seem to enjoy the nubby, smooth, slim and thick textures of the deer antlers.

  • Antler Chews have mostly been shed and collected in the wild where the deer and the elk play. A few are from deer that have been hunted for sport or food. Don't worry tho, no deer or elk have been hunted just for their antlers!

Antler Chews —The best dogone, Paw lickin good chew! Order yours today!

Med Antler Chews: $8.00

Large Antler Chews: $10.00

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