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Deer Antler Special

The Medium is loved and Chewed by my Jack Russell
The Small is loved and chewed by Corgi.

Deer Antler Special Through April 30th

Sound the Deer Antler Horns! We are having an April sale on small and medium deer antlers.

These Deer Antlers are the same great quality we always offer. We are just offering your pups and you the opportunity to try small/medium antlers for a reduced price.

For this sale we are only accepting checks. Please e-mail for an invoice to include with your payment.

We are a small, friendly, family business. Daughter sells the antlers, Mom handles customer service, Dad ships them out. We return our phone calls. We give our own dogs the same deer antlers we sell our customers. We don't make guarantees and we don't make promises. For more information about deer antlers click here.

Small Antlers: $3.00 about 4 inches

Med Antlers $7.00 about 6 inches

Shipping: $6.00